Logging in

There are several ways to log in. After logging in, all commands are run against your account.

Before you begin

Whichever login approach you use, you will need an API Client Id and Secret from your account:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Go to the API Clients page
  3. If you don't have an API Client already, click the 'Create API Client' button to create one (the name is not important).

Option 1: Interactive login

Provide your credentials once and store them for subsequent commands.


Your API credentials are stored unencrypted on your machine with this approach.

  1. Run the login command.
aluma login
  1. Copy and paste your Client Id and Client Secret as you are prompted for them.

Alternatively, you can provide your credentials within the command:

aluma login -i <ClientId> -s <ClientSecret>

Option 2: Provide credentials with each command

If you are calling the CLI from a script or application, you can supply the credentials as options with each command. This also enables you to store the credentials in a secure location of your choosing. Note that your credentials will still be stored in your shell history.

aluma create classifier -i <ClientId> -s <ClientSecret>