create document

The create document command creates a document in Aluma from a file on disk.

The command outputs information about the document after it has been created.

This command may be useful when exploring the API, but it is not required to read, extract, classify or redact any files using the CLI, since document creation is handled automatically in those cases.

aluma create classifier complaints-classifier
File                                    ID                      Size   Type        SHA256                                                            
/path/to/file/lines-form.tif            LhJFjVZDEkumvfTaSqwySA  95417  Image:TIFF  812cc714da4cb8a1346f9326bf4129a772090a416c9fc66ae58ce771508fb9a4


Inactive documents are deleted automatically after 10 minutes

As a security measure, any documents that have not been used for 10 minutes are automatically deleted. After you've created a document with this command, any use of the read, classify, extract or redact commands will reset that timer.

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