create extractor

The create extractor command creates an extractor from one or more extraction modules.

There are two variants of the command:

  • One that takes a list of extraction module IDs
  • One that takes a path to an extractor template file containing details of the modules and any parameter values

The extractor template file can be created with the create extractor-template command.

The modules that are available are listed here:

Creating an extractor from a list of module IDs

If the modules you want to create the extractor from do not require any parameters to be specified then you can simply list the module IDs after the extractor name, as follows:

aluma create extractor from-modules my-extractor aluma.us_social_security_number

If the modules require parameters to be specified, you will need to create an extractor template file first.

Creating an extractor from an extractor template

If the modules you want to create the extractor from do require parameters to be specified (or have optional parameters you want to specify) then you should:

  1. Create an extractor template file using aluma create extractor-template command
  2. Edit the extractor template file to specify the parameter values ("arguments")

Then you can create an extractor based on the template as follows:

aluma create extractor-template aluma.simple_text -o my-extractor-template.json

# edit the template file, then:

aluma create extractor from-template my-extractor my-extractor-template.json

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