list modules

The list modules command lists all the available extractor modules.

aluma list modules
Name                          ID                                   Summary                                                                               
  Invoice Number                aluma.invoice_number                Invoice number of an invoice                                                          
  UK Vehicle Registration Mark  aluma.uk_vehicle_registration_mark  UK vehicle registration mark                                                          
  Supplier Identity             aluma.supplier_identity             Identity, from a database lookup, of the supplier from whom an invoice was sent       
  US Social Security Number     aluma.us_social_security_number     US Social Security number                                                             
  UK NHS Number                 aluma.uk_nhs_number                 UK National Health Service number                                                     
  Invoice Document Type         aluma.invoice_type                  Type of an invoice - credit note or invoice                                           
  UK Address                    aluma.uk_address                    UK address                                                                            
  Reference Number              aluma.reference_number              Reference number with a specified format, optionally located near specific keywords   
  Supplier Company Number       aluma.supplier_company_number       Registered company number of an invoice supplier                                      
  Date of Birth                 aluma.date_of_birth                 Date of birth                                                                         
  UK National Insurance Number  aluma.uk_national_insurance_number  UK National Insurance number                                                          
  Email Address                 aluma.email_address                 Email address                                                                         
  Supplier Bank Details         aluma.supplier_bank_details         Bank details of an invoice supplier                                                   
  Simple Text                   aluma.simple_text                   An exact word or phrase                                                               
  Date                                          Date, optionally located near specific keywords                                       
  Invoice Line Items            aluma.invoice_line_items            Items in a purchase order that match the items in an invoice, from a database lookup  
  Customer Identity             aluma.customer_identity             Identity, from a database lookup, of the customer to whom an invoice was sent         
  UK Bank Account               aluma.uk_bank_account               UK bank account number and sort code                                                  
  Phone Number                  aluma.phone_number                  UK or US format phone number                                                          
  Supplier Tax ID               aluma.supplier_tax_id               Tax ID of an invoice supplier                                                         
  Invoice Dates                 aluma.invoice_dates                 Date and tax point date of an invoice                                                 
  US Bank Account               aluma.us_bank_account               US bank account number and routing number                                             
  Invoice Amounts               aluma.invoice_amounts               Net, tax and gross amount totals of an invoice                                        
  Purchase Order Number         aluma.purchase_order                Purchase order number associated with an invoice                                      
  Regular Expression            aluma.regex                         An exact or variable word or phrase, specified using a regular expression             
  US Address                    aluma.us_address                    US address                                                                            
  Name                                          Individual person's name

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