Custom data extraction

For extraction requirements that cannot be addressed using Aluma's built-in modules or extractors, the Extraction Builder desktop tool can be used to configure custom extraction solutions.

Extraction Builder uses a code-free flow diagram approach which allows simple core concepts such as fields, searches, proximity rules, area constraints, evaluators and formatters to be flexibly combined to create powerful extraction logic, all within the user-friendly project environment provided by Microsoft Visual Studio.

The 'compiled' extractor (.fpxlc) files created by Extraction Builder can be loaded into Document Studio for interactive offline testing, or uploaded to the Aluma service to create a new extractor for further testing or production use.



Get Extraction Builder and Document Studio

The Extraction Builder and Document Studio tools can be downloaded directly from the Aluma dashboard.

To see data extraction with a custom extractor in action, work through Install and extract data with a custom extractor which steps through creating a custom extraction configuration for some example documents.