Require that one rule passes

This article explains how to have multiple rules in place, where only one must pass for the results of a particular search to be accepted. If you aren't familiar with proximity rules, you may find it helpful to read the Proximity Rules overview article, specifically the importance of using multiple rules.

To do this, change the Operator parameter to 'Or' for all rules. For positive proximity rules, this means only one of the rules needs to pass in order for the contents of the 'value' Search to be passed onwards through the workflow.



When 'Or' is set on multiple negative (exception) rules, it means that only one of these needs to fail for the value to be excluded.

An example of using 'Or' with positive keywords is finding a delivery address via a geometric rule requiring keyphrase 'Delivery Address' north of the data, or via a logical rule requiring keyphrase 'expect delivery at' within 2 words of the data when it sits inline within a paragraph of free-flowing text.

Since the rule types are different, and the address will only require identification by one method or the other, it make sense to use 'Or' here.

The configuration could look something like this:


Here is it working on an example where the delivery address is in a block below a heading (and identified via the geometric proximity rule):


Identification of delivery address among other addresses - example 1 (click to enlarge)

And here is another example where the delivery address is identified by the logical proximity rule within the free-flowing text:


Identification of delivery address among other addresses - example 2 (click to enlarge)