Search for multiple words near other text

This article explains how to use a standard property on a search to return all closely-grouped words in any one part of the document. If you aren't familiar with searches, you may find it helpful to read the Searches overview article.

If you wish to collect all closely-grouped words near a particular keyword, set the Match Within property of the value search to 'Cell', and the Regular Expression to '.+' (the default value).

The search will look in every cell (set of words between a tab break) for a match of the regular expression, and since that pattern is the generic “.+” it will return the full set of characters in every cell as a match.

From there, you can narrow it down to the set of words you want using a 'keyword' Search, and you know the closely-grouped set of words will be returned in full. This is useful for multi-word names, descriptions, etc.