Create a new extractor from an extractor template

The request body should contain a JSON array of definitions for one or more extraction modules that the extractor should be created from. Where these modules have required parameters, or you wish to specify optional parameters, you should include an arguments object with a property for each parameter and its value ("argument").

Note that argument values must be escaped to be valid JSON. This most frequently applies to regular expression values, where characters such as backslashes must be escaped.

For example, if the module with ID aluma.some_moduledefines a property named locale that you want to set to the value en-US and a property named format that you want to set to the regular expression \d{13} then include a module definition that looks like this:

  "id": "aluma.some_module",
  "arguments": {
  "locale": "en-US",
  "format": "\\d{13}"


201 The extractor was successfully created
400 The extractor already exists; the request is not valid JSON
401 There is no Authorization header or the access token is invalid
422 The request failed validation (e.g. a required argument is missing, a specified module does not exist). See also the Error responses overview