Generates filename and folder suggestions for the specified document

In an end-user facing scenario the context property in the request body should be set to a unique identifier for that user, such as a username or email address. The folder suggestions generated are unique to this context. In a scenario which is not end-user facing you can set the context to an arbitrary constant value.

Because the suggestions are dependant on the content of the document, you should ensure that your client is robust to the variations in possible contents of the response. In particular:

  • The primary filename and folder properties may be null if no confident suggestions are available
  • The alternative filename and folder arrays may be null if no alternatives are available
  • The alternative filename and folder arrays may be populated even if the primary properties are null
  • Some or all of the filename elements properties may be null or not present

Over time we anticipate adding more elements properties. If you want to display these to users to help them build filenames, your client should iterate through all properties in this section rather than addressing values by property names so you benefit from new properties without updating your client.

Alternative folder suggestions are ordered in descending confidence of being appropriate.

The folder folder_id property is a reference to a folder (or more generally "location") in your document store, which has previously been submitted via a request to the Store Suggestion Results endpoint.

The folder reason property is currently always learnt.


200 Suggestions were generated and are included in the response
400 No Document ID is specified or no context was specified
401 There is no Authorization header or the access token is invalid
404 The specified Document does not exist