Get the results of a read request, as a searchable PDF or raw OCR text

Before you make a request to this endpoint you should make a request to Read (OCR) document, otherwise you will receive a 404 Not Found response.

If you have specified a read-profile in your Read (OCR) document request then you must specify that read-profile in the read-profile query parameter for this request.

You must set an Accept header with a value specifying the format in which the OCR results should be returned, as follows:

FormatAccept header value
Searchable PDF, with OCR text embeddedapplication/pdf
Raw OCR texttext/plain
Aluma document format (use this only in conjunction with Aluma support)application/

The results are returned in the body of the response in the format requested.


200 The results are available in the format requested and returned in the response body
400 No Document ID is specified
401 There is no Authorization header or the access token is invalid
404 The specified Document does not exist or a Read (OCR) document request has not been made for this Document.