Stores filename and folder suggestions as selected by a user for the specified document

The request body must include values for the filename and folder_id that the end-user of your client chose to file the document in.

The folder folder_id property should be a unique identifier to a folder (or more generally "location") in your document store. Ideally the identifier should be an immutable value (rather than a path-like name) that will not change if the folder is moved.

Once these values are received, Aluma updates its understanding of which documents belong in which folders so that suggestions returned in subsequent requests to Generate suggestions are improved.

Suggestion IDs remain valid for 10 minutes after they are returned by Generate Suggestions. You must make the request to this endpoint within that time.


201 Suggestion results were accepted
400 No Document ID is specified or no filename and folder_id were specified
401 There is no Authorization header or the access token is invalid
404 The specified Document does not exist